Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Hot Time

We took LMW to Lake Ouachita yesterday. Sister #2 was camping there with her family and some friends and we drove over to spend a few hours. I can tell you it was HOT HOT HOT out there, but once you actually got to the camp site and in the water, it was nice. There was a nice breeze blowing in the shade and after getting several feet away from the bank, the water was cool.
We couldn't drive to the site, so after meeting BIL at the boat ramp, Cap'n LMW took control of the helm and took us safely to our destination.
"Be sure to sit facing forward and hold on tightly folks, we wouldn't want to lose you on a wave!"
It was about a ten or 15 minute boat ride to camp, and we were glad to arrive.  Safety first and all that, LMW immediately put on his swimming floaties to jump in.
It was hard work, all that swimming and playing in the water, so he decided to sit in Aunt K's lap and indulge in a quick snack.
Nanna found out that he is fearless in the water and if he had access to a pool, would probably be swimming like a fish even without floaties.  Too soon the hours passed and it was time to travel home. LMW took advantage of the hum of the car and the AC and took a nap while being chauffeured home. He was a good little boy and had a great time.

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