Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Trip

Last Tuesday, Sister #1 and I took a day trip to beautiful Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. I live a short 45 minute drive from there and like to visit when I can. Sister spent a week at the awesome Arlington Hotel last week attending a continuing education conference, and really wanted me to see it. I've never been inside the Arlington, and was excited about it.
I took photos of our excursion until my batteries ran out. Here are some of the highlights. WARNING!! This is a photo heavy post... ;)
As you may can read, this particular hotel was built in 1924 at the height of the Art Deco period. I never really cared for that style until recently. Now I think it's gorgeous!

Sister and I walked through the building exploring and imagining all the guests in their pinstriped suits and flapper dresses. What fun it would be to travel back in time to see that first hand!
The workmanship and artistry of the architecture was mind boggling.
Most of the original design is still there, even if it might need a little TLC.

The vintage elevator is still in use, but during specific times, so we didn't get to actually ride in it.

Can you envision someone dropping a note into this old mail slot? It wasn't hard to do while standing in front of it.
We explored the entire building pretty much, and was graciously allowed to check out the spa area. I didn't take any photos other than this one, because ladies were enjoying the spa experience. Wouldn't want them all over the internet now would we??

That's it for this first installment. My next one will have more photos of the Arlington, and then I'll post one about our other exploration of Bath House Row. It was a great day!!

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