Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Did It

I joined Weight Watchers. I felt that I really had no choice. For one thing, I just can't get a grip on my unhealthy eating habits because I always feel deprived. For another my cholesterol and triglycerides are way too high and I've got to get them down so I won't have to take a statin. And it was like the Lord just put WW in my head so much I couldn't get it out.

I went to my first meeting today and felt overwhelmed with all of it. Thankfully, the leader is a church member and I talked to her about it a little at an earlier time. If I got anything out of the meeting, it was that I can do this if I figure it out and stick with it!  I have a calculator to help me keep up with points and such and I've already used it several times, just checking on the food I normally eat. Yikes!

Portion control is a big issue for me, sweets and snacking. Hopefully, the little smoothie powder I bought, and ideas thrown around the room this morning will help me with that. I'll have to spend more time at the grocery store, figuring out what to buy, but eventually it will all click in my head and I can do it without taking so much time. I really really dislike grocery shopping. A. LOT. I can't stress enough how I dislike it. Can I get an Amen?!

I may or may not post about my progress. Depends on how I do and how much interest is shown by my readers. Anyway, here goes day one...wish me luck.


Sara G said...

I wish you the best! I lost 30 lbs using WW tools and I know it can be hard but so worth it. You can do it!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You've passed the biggest hurdle - understanding you need the extra help. I know several who have been so successful with WW, it is a learning tool and lots of support.

Y said...

Oh, those sweets. I hear you. Maybe I should hang onto this tooth ache!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

It will be tricky at first but you'll figure a routine that's good for you and your husband.