Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Different Perspective

There's landscaping, then there's landscaping. My friend Y has a unique perspective on it as you'll see in the photos below. She read my blog post about the yard work and landscaping, and told me she had adorned her yard with puppies! What fun!

Instead of the usual pot of flowers near the steps, this is what she displays.

And of course instead of the big pot we normally sit at the bottom of the steps, she placed this.

 It takes a tremendous amount of energy to pretty up the yard! And let's not forget the little decorating "tidbits" they leave here and there out in the grass. It's been a very hard day in the decorating world as you can see.

Thanks to my friend Y for allowing me to share her photos.


Y said...

Some decorating, huh?!!! Fortunately (or not) this is the most protected area I have for the pups, from weather and other critters. God sends some people lemons, He sends me stray animals. So, this Spring we're decorating with puppies! Thanks B! My babies are famous now, on the internet!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

This is exactly how I used to adorn my yard. It was especially fun on the 20 acres. I am sorry, love ya, but this works for me much better than greenery and flowers!