Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Words on a Wednesday

There's a lulling in my brain these days. Maybe it's the weather, or fatigue, or who knows what. But, there just aren't any blog posts coming to me. That being said, I decided to just start writing, and begin with a photo of LMW. I took it this morning while he sucked down some juice.

I have very much enjoyed the weather the last couple of days.  The leaves have danced to the ground and when I see it, I want to capture it on video. There's no time to run get the camera, but I do think of God and how He gives us such beauty. There's nothing like the feeling of the wind whipping around, and the leaves swirling in their fluttering dance.

I spent the last couple of days replacing an ugly light fixture in my bathroom.

It's a cheap builder grade and even with all those bulbs, I still couldn't see well.

I had to do some patching to the wall, and if you look closely, you can see where we put a ding in it while screwing in the fixture base.  A dab of paint will fix that right up. I am amazed at the amount of light that comes from this little thing. And embarrassed to see dirt I've missed. Bleh.

I've been working on some sewing and painting, and will post to The Seam Rippers tomorrow I think. I continue to learn from my mistakes.... Again I say, Bleh.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!


Y said...

That's too funny! Last night my daughter, niece and I were in my bathroom with a black light (we were checking out green depression glass) and you should have seen all the DUST on the walls!!! Unbelieveable. :/

I like your new light. I'd put that in my bathroom. :)

Hillbilly Tonya said...

We have a strip like your first one and yes it is dark. Ours only has 3 lights. Nothing we can do about it though :(

Under Her Wings said...

I've been so busy caring for a new baby and a not-so-well mama that I missed your post. Pray for my daughter, if you will. Her bp has been soaring with no apparent cause other than new baby, but she feels rotten and is now on 2 bp medications from the doc to try to get it down. Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I really like the new light fixture. I need to just walk around in the dark in order not to see the dirt I miss. ICK!

LMW sure is a cutie pie!