Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Halls are Decked

I've pretty much finished the inside of the house. I dread the outside, but want to make it fun for the baby. Our next door neighbor has his yard packed full of the blow up decorations and LMW is in awe.

My inside decor....

I have no mantle, so this is the closest I can come to it. SR cut some blocks for me out of scrap boards, and I Modge Podged scrapbook paper to them, then painted the letters. The elves were made by me when my children were very small. They are named accordingly.

The top of my pantry cabinet.

 The carolers and Santa picture on the front entry table were my mother's.

This is one of the stuffed gingerbread folks my Mom had. I took some of her Christmas fabric and draped it over the lamp shade so it would blend in.

 I added some balls, candy canes and lights to the top of my living room window. LMW loves it.

I also added lights, garland and carolers to the buffet my tree is on. It makes it a bit more festive.

I'm pretty pleased at how this corner turned out. If you'll notice there are no pulls on the buffet doors. It's the only way to keep the baby out. LOL!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Very simple decor that has meaning - I like that, and my furniture missed pulls and latches for many yrs while the kids were young.

Y said...

I can't believe it! That old lamp was just waiting to be turned into a Christmas lamp!!! Everything looks beautiful. So much pretty to look at no one will ever notice the pulls are off and if they do they're looking to close. (Just my opinion.) You're definately putting me in a Christmas mood! Thanks!!!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Oh I wish I could decorate as much! I just love decorating and your place looks beautiful! Maybe someday we will quit moving and I'll start collecting decor again.