Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days?

One of those days when you can't seem to settle? A million things go through your head and you not only aggravate others but also yourself? This has been that day.

Yesterday I received another epidural injection in my neck. This one seems to be working a bit better than the last, thank you LORD. But the aftermath is always a struggle. I was able to sleep last night with the help of some strong drugs, and I feel the residual today. I not only have one, but many worms in my head and I am frantically trying to do, and find out, and figure out every. single. thing.  going on in my head. Very frustrating for my family, I can tell you. And they let me know about it too. :P

I've been to Walmart, washed laundry, done some spray painting, some sewing, internet shopping and countless emailings. My body is so tired I can barely function, but my mind and spirit are still in overdrive.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a calmer day. And of course, LMW will be here, so my focus will have one place most of the day. It will be a relief.

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