Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Whine

Ok, gonna whine a bit. So either grab the cheese or look away.

The gumballs are still in the trees, waiting to fall when I'm not looking so that I will have to sweep them yet again.  And all the sweeping I did on Saturday, wreaked havoc with my poor aging body. I now have what I believe is a pinched nerve in my neck. Sleeping the last three nights has been impossible. There is no comfortable position I can find, except sitting straight up.  It is slowly trying to get better, so at least there is hope at the end of the pain tunnel.

They mock me.

I promised my Mom I'd take her shopping for Little Man and out to lunch for her birthday. Today is the day and I really don't feel much like it. But, I am going anyway. I was going to wait until Saturday, which is her of birth, but things didn't work out.

 I'm irritated at myself for not ordering a specific fabric LeLe and I agreed on, until it was out of stock. Nice.  Now I must find another one somewhere. She and I both are tired of looking at swatch after swatch.

SR and I need to do some bank business, but the banks all close their lobby at 4:00. How is a working person supposed to do any banking?

My house is a wreck. I haven't felt like doing anything but taking drugs and laying around trying to find a comfortable position. Thus, I can see my footprints in the dust on the floor.

I have all these projects in my head that need to be done, and can't get started on them yet.

The nice warm weather left. Bleh. I know it's only February but in Arkansas, Spring shows up early. Not this year. 

I'm hungry. All. The. Time.

I hope this purging helps my attitude. Living with irritable B is no fun. Being irritable B is no picnic either.
I think I'll go over to Seam Rippers and make a list of projects that need doing....


Erin said...

sometimes it helps just to get it all out. i have plenty of "gripes" blog posts!
i love the pictures :-)

LeLe said...

I told you that you shouldn't have canceled your doctor's appointment yesterday. I knew you wouldn't feel any better. :(

Are you trying to go to a specific bank or open new business? Metropolitan stays open way past 4:00 and I really like them.

And I seriously doubt your house is as bad as you say it is. I'm just warning you, mine is not gonna be anywhere near clean this's impossible to keep those floors from gathering dirt unless I sweep them thrice a day.

Hope you get better.

Y said...

Girl! I have the cheese AND crackers! Hope your pinched neck gets better ASAP. You're too funny sometimes! Your house on it's worst day is 1000% better than mine on it's best!!! I guarantee! Does a leaf blower work on gumballs? I never tried it. Ours are so far out we just let nature take it's course. We have mountains of pine needles in the immediate yard and the pollen is really starting to fly. I guess it's the price we pay for all the wonderful green.