Monday, February 1, 2010

The Birds

During the last ice-capade, I had ample opportunity to birdwatch. I suppose any wild berries would have been covered in ice, so my bird feeders got a good workout. 

It really doesn't look to cosy with the icicles hanging, but it was a very popular place.  I kept trying to catch a chicadee, but they flit in and out so quickly, I had a very hard time being fast enough. I finally got one this morning.

The Goldfinches must be migrating, because I haven't seen them since last fall. It's all or nothing with them. Lots at one time, then they disappear.  We have house finches all year round though, and they are a pretty dark red and brown.

It's very dark, but you can see the red one on the right and the gold one on the left.

Can you find the snowbird in the following photo??

He's hard to spot among all the gum balls. We've swept them up twice so far, but they keep a-coming. Yesterday as I was returning from Little Rock, the sun was shining at times, and the ice on the hardwood trees was glistening like crazy. I wished I had my camera so I could catch that. It looked like a picture on a calendar.  Almost all the ice is gone now, and it's a slushy mess in my back yard. We have a lot of work to do now, since all the limbs have fallen.


Y said...

You got some nice shots of your feathered friends!

Erin said...

I love the "where's waldo" type photo. Great!

Lisa said...

Your bird feeder gave me chills. I am so ready for Spring! the ice was really pretty with the sun yesterday. We didn't get all that ice in Herbine, I was on 63 and didn't see ice on the trees until I got almost to Woodlawn. I'm not complaining!