Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chemo and Shopping

It's a little after 6:00 in the a.m. and I've been awake for quite some time. Some nights are like that, especially when I've had caffeine during the day. My own blasted fault I suppose. I make poor choices when I'm away from home. Well, I make poor choices at home too... anyway....

Yesterday was a long day away from home. Sister #2 went with me to take Mom to her monthly chemo. There was a moment or two of agony, as they accessed her new port for the first time since it was installed. She said it hurt worse than them digging in her arm for veins. So, the nurse, (who by the way was mortified it hurt so badly) suggested we contact the doctor for numbing cream. Which I promptly did. Next time Mom is to rub the cream into her port area 30 minutes prior to being stabbed. This time Mom got just a little woozy headed for some reason. But, she never got nauseas and was able to go with us to do a bit of shopping afterward.

While she was in the lab with the IV, Sister and I ran out to West Little Rock to J.C. Penney's. I am in such desperate need of clothing, that I decided to bite the bullet and grab a few things. I almost had my Penney's card paid off. Oh well. I bought a pale pink simple pullover sweater with quarter sized while polka dots, a white and bright aqua blue cardigan with a matching shell,

and a v-necked tunic top with a white shell to hide the girls, because it was very low cut. 

Since I haven't needed work clothes, and since the last work clothes I had were scrubs, I've been living in stretchy knit clothes that are comfortable for yard work, house work and gym workouts. I've been wearing the same dress outfit to everything. Funerals, church, showers... so I thought I'd best find something else before that one outfit bit the dust.

After that, we went to Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Walmart and Sam's. Sister is in charge of the policemen's charity ball next weekend, and we were looking for supplies and ideas. I'm scheduled to help her with the floral arrangements and decorating. Wish me luck!

It was late when we finally made it home and I was a tired puppy. But it was a good day all things considered.


LeLe said...

Glad you got some clothes. I got some in the mail yesterday that I ordered and was pleased that they fit. A light sweater (I need a nude-colored cami to go under it though b/c it's white and thin), a purple cardigan, and a grey long t-shirt.

Y said...

Bad crack me up! Your blog made my day, made me smile in the first paragraph. Thank you!!!

Glad to hear your mom got her chemo today. Those ports are funny. Tweeter loved her second one 'cause it was so easy. Guess you can't win for losing sometimes.

I'm sooo glad to hear someone is getting new clothes! That should read 'I'm so jealous!' Jealous too, you and your sister can go runnin'. Boy, do I miss mine.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for your blog Miss B.

Lisa said...

I need some clothes bad...hoping to lose weight so I won't buy any!
Hope your moms doing ok,I'm praying for her.
You have an award at my blog.