Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gumballs and Roses

The last two weeks have been very intense and we are finally able to relax and think about getting back to normal. Whatever normal is, I suppose. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. The skies were a clear blue, the temperature was in the lower 60s even though there was a bit of a wind. It was a perfect day for a funeral, if there can be a perfect day.

The hospice chaplain led the simple graveside service and he did a wonderful job. I keep thinking that it was so obvious that God had His hand in everything, because we immediately felt that this man was a long time friend. He was friendly, kind, and easy to be yourself around. He listened to conversations around him, and mentioned them in his speech, and even mentioned the dream aunt told me she had about searching for her sister and mother.  He listened.

We chose pink roses for her casket spray. It was so gorgeous I could hardly stand it. Later yesterday afternoon, SR and I went back to the cemetery and I picked a few of them out of a matching spray and brought them home.

You may feel that talking about a funeral is morbid. But, it's a celebration really. The chaplain reminded us that aunt is now reunited with her sister and mother and family she has outlived. That is a happy thing.

Later yesterday afternoon, SR and I went outside, just to get a little exercise and escape from sitting around, as we have been doing for the last few weeks. The gum balls in our back yard must number in the gazillions and we raked a few piles up and discarded them. There are more, and I hope to get back out there sometime today.  I finally got a decent night's sleep last night, but my body is still fighting fatigue, so I'll have to force myself. 

There are so many things I want to be doing, and the energy is just not forthcoming. Yard work, sewing, reorganzing clutter and doing some more purging. (Remember, I'm  the purge queen. ) And it's time to help LeLe get the baby's room in order.  I'll leave you with this shot of J and myself from yesterday, and I'll get my hiney in gear....


Lisa said...

That is such a nice pic.
I'm glad everyhthing was perfect yesterday,it's hard enough letting someone go without it being cold and rainy when you do it.

Now to get my hiney in gear....

Y said...

Glad for everyone all the way around. Chaplain sounds amazing, roses are beyond beautiful. Picture needs a frame! Great picture of both of you! Take a deep breath and relax Miss B. You did a good job on this 'row' you've been working on. I pray you'll have easier rows for a long while.