Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend...The Good and the Bad

I started out my weekend on Friday staying in bed and on the couch all day. Sore throat and slight cough. (Have I caught what your little ones had Mrs. Louisa Gabrielle?) I took over the counter meds and was able to function, but just felt rotten. Saturday I felt better and was glad because as most of those who read my blog know, it was the first day of deer season. I cooked up a pot of chili and drove to Rison to the family deer camp and ate lunch with my men. I also took some really cool pictures.

I thought those were worth sharing. I also took a photo of SR in front of a really large tree and he returned the favor....

And before we I left, I posed for one with my J.

I only wish my LeLe had been there. The chili was good and the walk through the woods was so nice. After I visited with my Mom and my sisters, I headed back to Sheridan where I began feeling bad again.

I didn't sleep well, which is no surprise to anyone, but my throat was getting worse by the hour. I couldn't go to church, and spent the entire day in bed. When I got to work this morning...(no way I can call in sick this time of year) my nurse practitioner was amazed at how bad my throat was. So, she gave me some medicine and put me on the road to recovery. Some of the medicine makes me feel pretty "happy" if you know what I mean, so I have to take smaller doses than prescribed while trying to work. Still, I'm so glad God saw fit to create medicines for what ails us.

And that was my weekend. The good and the bad, the long and the short of it. Not very impressive, but it's mine.


Y said...

Love the pictures. Everyone looks calm, the woods so serene. What a blessed weekend!

Sooz said...

The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing.

LeLe said...

I can't see Dad. Where is he? Oh, wait...I can see his head. Haha. Camo joke.

LeLe said...

J doesn't look very happy. I forgot to mention that...did he get anything? Paul got an 8-point.

B Lines said...

J was frustrated with the Razorbacks. He didn't get anything but M got an 8 pt I think.

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...

Oh WOW! You are gorgous!! I just had to share that. ;-)

I am sorry we passed along whatever is ailing us. It really is hard to deal with. I have been taking Ultra Immune and some Bee Pollen. They help but I don't feel "good". When I don't take them, boy, I know it!

The little ones just have this cough that I don't like. I told hubby I am taking them in if they are not better in a few days. My 8 year and 6 year old have said they feel much better than they did so that is encouraging to me.

I really hope you get better. I know it is not fun to be sick and on top of it, you have to go to work. With my 17 year old to do the necessities, I am able to rest...or read online :-)

I love the pictures you shared. I like taking pictures too but rarely get to do it. I mainly take photos of my blessings. They are my favorite people to be around, next to my husband!

Praying you get better Miss B.

~ Mrs. Louisa Gabrielle ~