Thursday, November 22, 2007

History and Heritage

Oh, my daughter has caught the genealogy bug. I'm so proud! For a few years a while back, I lived, breathed, ate and slept genealogy. It faded some after a while, but I still get little jolts frequently. Since LeLe is now interested, my passion has resurfaced and I am anxious to get to it again. I'm really thankful to the Latter Day Saints for compiling so many records that help researchers in their quest.

Some folks don't really understand the drive we gen-bugs have for this. I guess it's a combination of things. I have always been sentimental, I like knowing where I came from, I have always loved history, and it's a puzzle to be solved. The puzzle is really the main thing I think. Where were my gr-gr-great grandparents married? Where did their parents originate? Am I French? English? Scottish???? OH YEAH BABY! Did my ancestors fight in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745? Or were they driven from Ireland by the potato blight? Did they migrate to France to escape war? It's really fascinating to me.

One of the drawbacks in this type of work, is that you can do so much "legwork" and find out so much, but if you post it online, someone else can use it and never give you credit for it. A lot of people won't share what they have found for that very reason. And a lot of what people put online is just hearsay and speculation. You have to do your own research to prove or disprove their information. Still, it's a great hobby that can quickly become an obsession if you let it.


LC said...

I love this! Les and I always joke about Nona (our dad's mom) because she could ramble off our whole family tree at the drop of a hat! We always said she could trace it all the way back to Adam and Eve. I think it's cool to know your family history! Happy hunting!

Y said...

...and you meet the nicest people! Once in a while one turns out to be a dear friend and a Heaven sent blessing in your life!!!