Saturday, November 3, 2007

Morning Devotions

My morning devotional today was based on the Beattitudes. The question posed was, am I living like a citizen of God's kingdom, or a citizen of the world? I have to admit, I believe I really live of the world. To live in God's kingdom I have to be humble, merciful, have a pure heart, be a peacemaker, submit to HIS will, rejoice even when I don't feel like it and hunger for more of God. I am sooo not doing that.

No matter how many times I pray for the desire to live for God, I continue to live for myself. One thing I have been fairly successful at lately, is to not worship my free time. With God's help, I've been able to keep busy doing constructive things, and necessary things, without feeling resentful that I'm giving up "relaxation" time. I hope and pray that I can implement the Beattitude Attitudes more in the coming days.

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Sooz said...

Its so hard not to be worldly. I feel like I try hard to be what God wants me to be but more often than not the world wins. I think Bro. Marks' message yesterday really made me think though. I never imagined Hell the way he described it at all and it made me realize how much I need to share God with others and live for Him like I should be living for Him.