Tuesday, May 15, 2012


After reading my friend Tonya's post today, I thought I'd reevaluate my own goals for May for ME.
This was my original goal list:
1. Recover and paint an old chair for my desk. Done!
2. Make myself a Kindle cover. Done!
3. Finish UFOs (Namely, a second tee quilt, bedding for LMW,/Done!...dish towel sets for my friend Y)Done!
4.Reorganized and clean up my fabric cabinet. 
5. Create something unique for a Christmas project.
6. Make myself a purse.
7. Get all the above done, so I can start something new and fun.
8. Meet with friends for lunch or supper.

With two of them already accomplished, this is my new goal list:

1. Finish Tee Shirt Quilt  Done
2. Create something unique for a Christmas project.  Done
3. Reorganize and clean up my sewing room and fabric cabinet.  Done
4. Make myself a Kindle cover. Done
5. Meet with friends or family for a girls day.*
6. Mammogram

I have a date planned with my sister for the 29th.

And last but not least, THE most important thing I can do for Me.... I have a yearly screening mammogram scheduled for May 31. Yes, it hurts like the dickens, but only for a second or two. They are pretty good about releasing the pressure immediately. But ladies, early detection is the key to survival. I have a story....

When I was working at the medical clinic, there were four of us gals who were very close and did a lot of things together when we were off.  One of them was very diligent in getting her Mammogram done every year, and convinced the rest of us to go along. We all scheduled mammos for the same week, but I had to go to a different place due to insurance. One of us hadn't had her Mammo done in several years. It hurt, it was inconvenient, it was a bother... Well folks, they found a mass. The big C. She underwent total mastectomy and chemo/radiation. That was about 8 years ago, give or take and she has survived and conquered. Can you imagine if she had put it off another year? Two years? She'd probably not be here. So, if you are undecided, putting it off, refusing to do it...DO IT! It could mean your life.  As for me, I will endure a couple minutes of pain for 20 years of life any day!

May is shaping up to be a very constructive and productive month. Yayyy May for ME!!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great post and excellent reminder.

Y said...

Quite a story. If that doesn't get the ladies in I don't know what would! Ladies! Grab a friend and GO! Or, JUST GO! Hey, my doc has put in those softer plates just 'cause. That's a change since JUST LAST YEAR! The machines are getting better all the time. Good post Miss B. You may have saved someone's life today.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Oh, you were speaking of this list. :P

I wish I could have a mammogram. I started the ball rolling yesterday to get to be seen by the doc. Just need $80 and a bit more paperwork.

FrouFrouBritches said...

WOW! You've accomplished a lot in May. Consider me jealous. I am s behind.

I hadn't even been to the gyno since E was born and she just turned 6, but I finally went this year. Great story, by the way.