Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Mother's Day

This year, SR and I spent several hours with his parents. We always enjoy our time together and they have always been like my second parents. Since my own are now gone, they ARE my parents. We get along greatly and I love them dearly.

We ate a simple lunch with them, then his mother told me to choose up to five of her decorative things to take home with me. She's so generous and loving. Back before I knew them, and even after Steve and I married, they were both into collecting antiques and depression glass. It was in big demand then and they felt they were making an investment.

Alas, the market has taken a nose dive and it's not worth what it was. (Although I saw some outrageous prices on some of it in the flea markets last week.) I'm thinking about trying to sell some of my glassware. It's hidden behind closed doors and just taking up space. I'll never decorate with it and my children aren't interested in it either. 

Here are the items I chose from my MIL's collection.
She and I share the love of blue, as you can see!! A couple of these are pretty old, but the other things are not. That's ok with me, I just like the color.

My Father-in-law wanted to get into the act, and told me to look in his shed and take anything I wanted. I really was drawn to this.
A beeYOUteeful aqua colored jug. Yes, it's nasty looking, but SR cleaned it up for me. I have an idea I want to try with it, and I'll share with you the final result of the cleaning and sprucing up as soon as I implement my plan.

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Hillbilly Tonya said...

Some very fun items! I am on the lookout for a doll bed. No luck but I'll find one sometime I am sure.