Sunday, April 15, 2012


For lack of anything in depth to post about, I thought I'd just shoot some random things out there. It's better than letting weeks go by without a post, in my opinion.
Yesterday I visited with a distant relative I'd never met. We are connected through my mother's ancestry and we had a lot to talk about. A lot, as in three hours of discussion under a large Oak tree at the cemetery. No, to me cemeteries are not spooky...well unless you are there alone, on a moonless night, with all the strange noises in nature amplified, by yourself, in the dark, after having read a murder mystery or horror story. Then I would have to admit it is a little scary. Otherwise, I consider it a nice visit with my parents and grandparents.

Cousin and her husband were precious, and we enjoyed our time together, even if I did get a little crispy from the sun. We found we both had records and information we needed to exchange and we plan to do that soon. It was a little hard to find a copy machine in the cemetery, so we have to deal with that later.
My husband is an avid turkey hunter. He began a two week vacation yesterday and today he came home with a twenty pound gobbler. He will be much easier to live with the next two weeks, and will be better able to enjoy his time away from work. We called LMW to come over and inspect the harvest and we were happy to see he wasn't afraid of the creature.

I've been doing a few little sewing things, but not much in the way of larger projects. I need a little break from the big quilts and wanted to do something fun and less stressful. I will post photos of that in a few days on my other blog.
The weather in South Central Arkansas can't really make up its mind lately. Some days it wants to be summer, some others spring. I'll take it as long as no tornadoes are invited to the party.
I haven't been reading as many blogs or posting as often. I'm just too busy with LMW and other things.  Not to mention there have been some deaths in my current and former church families and funerals have been attended. And I'm just plain tired.
I've lost two more pounds through Weight Watchers. For a couple of weeks, I was a bit depressed due to lack of weight loss. And I was miserably hungry. There's no way to succeed feeling that way. I did some research and discovered that two of the medications I take not only cause weight gain, but increase appetite. Since ceasing those two meds, I am not hungry all the time any longer, and the weight has started coming off. It's slow, but that's ok.
I thought that my son and his wife moving closer to me would afford more opportunity to visit. They have been so busy, they have yet to have a free weekend to share. I hope we can remedy this soon. I can't tell they are any closer in distance yet.
The first week of May will bring two happy occasions. First is the second birthday of the most adorable little boy in the world. The second is my 35th wedding anniversary and SR and I plan a little three day trip to Heber Springs, Arkansas. No big fancy trip, but it should be relaxing and enjoyable. At our age, we'll take that and be happy about it! He and I are also looking forward to getting together with some good friends soon.

Enjoy your week!!

"I feelz his spirt floatin up ta heben."


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing, even if random thoughts. Hopefully you discussed with or permission of dr on stopping medication. I know - it's the mom in me. Stay safe in the mid-west weather turmoil.

Y said...

OK! Give me a minute to recover from Win feeling old Tom's spirit moving!!! That picture and caption could win a contest! :D

Hillbilly Tonya said...

LOL on that last photo!