Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Lone Calla

This Calla Lily is the only one I have that blooms.

It's six years old. I received it when my father passed away, so it has even more meaning to me. The bulbs have multiplied over the years, but this is still the only bloom I get.

If the other bulbs don't bloom this year,  I think I'll try purchasing a few more bulbs and see what happens. This is my favorite flower of all, and I would dearly love to see more blooms.

(The white substance you see in the background is ant poison. We have been over run by ants at our house, and will be calling in the professionals in a week or two.)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How pretty - yes, a few more blooms would be spectacular/

Tonya said...

That is pretty! I have a black thumb. Very very black. Oh, dear...I haven't watered Seth's herbs...I just remembered!!!

Y said...


Sara G said...

I love Callas! They are my favorite and how pretty!
How wet do you have yours? I once was going to grow some when I had a house and was told they really need their water.
I saw your picture in my dashboard and couldn't wait to read. I am delighted by their beauty! Hopefully you will have some more blooms.