Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting It All Together

Ok, T-minus 4 days and counting for my vaca at the beach. So, I'm getting my stuff together....

Item 1.

Three piece, never used, tags still attached luggage set for $5.00 at a local yard sale. SCORE!

Item 2.

Beach bag purchased at a different yard sale the same day. $2.00.

Item 3.

 Fancy flip flops the clerk at Penney's talked me into. Marked around $30.00 but purchased for around $20.00. Not sure whether these will work or not. After walking in them for a while, the straps are a little uncomfortable. I may have to figure out some way to fix that if I can.

Item 4.

Cheaper set of flip flops just in case. Originally $8.00 but purchased for $4.00 at Payless. (I may be returning and getting another pair. They are extremely comfortable.

Item 5.

A larger purse/bag for traveling. Lots of room in this baby. Originally marked $23.00 but purchased for $7.00 also at Payless. I'm diggin' it.

Item 6.

Navigational assistance for Mi-double si -double pi.  Still looking for a AL map. None to be found in my town, that's for sure.

Things yet to gather....
Drinks and snacks
New pair of shorts
Lounge chair

I'll keep you posted because I just KNOW you are all on the edge of your seats.


LeLe said...

GA? I thought you were going to AL???

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great sales!!! Oh, hope you share the fun on the road too.

Mariliz said...

Have a great time! Oh and...Take lots of photos

Belinda said...

Oooops, LeLe. I fixed that. Don't know what I was thinking....maybe about my friend in GA who can't meet us there unfortunately. :(

Y said...

Major scores! Girl after my own heart! Go for comfy, you'll end up barefoot on the beach anyway. Wish I had known you needed a 'Bama map earlier. I could have mailed you one. :( You think it would get there in time priority?

Tonya said...

You better have lots of photos please.

Marcia said...

Wow you really got some great yard sale deals! You are traveling in style! Have a wonderful time!

Under Her Wings said...

Belinda, I love your finds. Have a wonderful vacation, relax and enjoy the difference. I think maybe that's the best thing about a holiday; it's different. Praying for a safe and enjoyable trip. Gloria