Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Now?

I haven't posted much about my Mom lately. Things have been rocking along and there really wasn't anything major going on but, she hasn't felt well for a few weeks. This cancer thing is really cramping her style.

She has begun swelling again, and the chemo only helps for a short time. Before she's scheduled for a dose, her stomach is big again. She's moving a little slower, eating a little less, and having some trouble breathing.

Today she visited her General Practitioner, and he was concerned enough to send her for labs and a chest x-ray at UAMS. Looks like fluid in her lung and it will be drained on Friday. The fluid could be caused by the tumor pushing on her lungs, or any number of other things. Or it may not have ever cleared from her last trip to the hospital for pneumonia. Who knows? The thing is....I believe that at this point, it will be one thing or another regularly, until the end. Yes, I said it. Not pretty, but it's how I feel. I think I'm up for it, I hope and pray I'm up for it, and I believe I can handle it with God's help . I did it with my Dad, so I can do it with her. I just keep repeating that "God will give me what I need as I need it!" And He will.

Just remember us in your prayers. It may not be immediate, but the road ahead is going to get bumpy.

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Y said...

Always in my thoughts and prayers.