Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life or Something Like It

It's winter, so it's cold folks. Colder in south central Arkansas than normal, but I don't mind because it feels more Christmasy. Unfortunately, we had a little power outage thing going on this morning and it was not pleasant for a while around here. Still, I found some heat to sidle up to, and some painting to keep me occupied until the central heat came back on.

I've been sewing and painting for Christmas gifts. Can't post until after they are given and opened of course. Wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone. 

Life lately has been dealing with illness of one kind or another, and trying to get Christmas gifts purchased before the last minute. I invariably wind up having to shop a couple of days before Christmas simply because I forgot something, or need to get more food supplies. I would dearly love to have it all done two to three weeks ahead of time. That would give me comfort and joy.

LMW is pretty much over his illness and back to his normal happy self. SR and I are still dealing with residual effects, but feel fine.  I went with Mom to see her general practitioner yesterday for a follow up after the lung draining. I heard what I feared I would.... The fluid is building back up. The doctor said that is what it does. You drain it out and it comes right back.  Unless she is unable to breathe comfortably, we won't do anything until we see the oncologist on the 20th. I'm sure not looking forward to that visit, nor having to navigate the week of Christmas traffic, but we do what we have to. A lot of what the doctor said went right over Mom's head, and I'm not sure that is a bad thing. She continues to keep a good attitude and hopes for the best. I would love to have that same attitude if I was facing what she is.  We hope and pray that Christmas will be fairly normal this year.

I've looked at all the pretty decorations on all the blogs I follow and sometimes people just amaze me. And I wonder how in the world they fit all that busy creativity into their lives. Some folks come up with a post every day, and some come up with a new project every day. Some are so quick with their quilting that I don't see how in the world they get anything else done. I guess some folks are just that talented and much better organized than I.   I did get more painted than I thought I would this morning...simply because I could do nothing else until the power returned. Maybe that should happen more often......


Erin said...

i feel just like you do (in your last paragraph). it's good to hear from you again. glad you're keeping busy, sorry for the reasonings. i'm just looking forward to next thursday, when i'm finally done with teaching AND with school for the semester.
til then...

Y said...

Miss B! You ARE one of those people that amaze me with all you do! Stay warm. Praying y'all have a very "normal" Christmas!!! :D

PS Load up on batteries or whatever it is you need to post lots of pictures of Win on Christmas! Woo-hoooo! Can't wait!