Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's going on this week.

I'm still having trouble with my neck and shoulders, and will probably call the doctor if it feels the same when I get out of bed tomorrow. Getting still, as in sleeping or watching tv seems to make it worse. I suppose it gets stiff or something.

I bought an elliptical yesterday. It's not as smooth as the ones at the gym, but considering it probably cost only a fraction of what those do, I am happy with it. It works me harder, and that is a good thing. I hope to shape up some even if I can't lose any weight.

I took Mom to see the oncologist yesterday for her half-way point visit. Her platelets are just not cooperating so, we had to put her chemo off another week. The doctor is going to delete the chemo med that is causing the problem, and just give her the one she must have. Doc was optimistic it would all be ok. And of course, Mom feels fine. The only problem she has is that the chemo makes her back and hips ache. And that is a normal side effect.

I finally spent my Hobby Lobby gift card yesterday. I bought a rotary cutting mat, and three pieces of fabric. Never mind that the fabric is for J and for Little Man. It was my card to spend any_way_ I_want.

Mom and I ate at Applebee's for lunch and ordered the Three Cheese Chicken Penne. Talk about good. OH MY WORD.  I heart Applebee's.

I helped LeLe do some purging and rearranging for Little Man's room last Saturday. It felt good to help her get some of that done. I'm going to paint his mural while she is gone on a little trip in a couple of weeks. Cousin is giving her a shower next Saturday. We are all looking forward to that.


Erin said...

tell me about the elliptical you bought-- where, how much... it's one of the main reasons i go to the gym.

B Lines said...

Well Erin,

I bought it at Walmart. It was 197.00 and has a monitor for RPM, heart rate, time, speed etc. It has a water bottle holder, but I had to take it off because I banged my knee on it a lot. You can set the resistance on it too. So far, it's working great. The brand name is Westlo.

That was the main reason I went to the gym too. I couldn't see leaving the house every day for 30 some odd dollars a month, just for that, when I could buy one that would pay for itself in six months. And I have the option of wearing whatever I want, and not having to worry about gym clothes. As well as getting on whenever I take a notion. Nice.

Y said...

Elliptical sounds great! You can exercise in your jammies if you feel like it! When the lightning storms start up be sure to unplug it with your other 'valuables'. Lost my treadmill to a lightning strike :(

I'm so glad to hear your mom is still feeling good. That's a big part of the battle right there! And, I just don't want to hear about Applebee's. ;) They're so good!

Lisa said...

Britt has an elliptical...I really hate that machine. It does work you tho!
I'm glad your mom's feeling good.
Not long and you will have your lil man in your arms!!!