Tuesday, March 9, 2010


SR and I were able to transplant the cedar trees that were in the front yard to the back yard. We moved two on Sunday afternoon, and two yesterday afternoon. It was quite a job.  Even though we feared they would topple over if the ground stayed wet enough in the front, and the ice was heavy enough, it was still a chore to get them out of the ground.

I also gathered some more jonquils from the area just beyond the thicket  trees and bushes you see behind the cedar. I thought it would look pretty in the springtime between everything. There is a hydrangea plant on the right that I hope will flourish now that it in a protected spot. It didn't do well where I had it last year.

We planted things that would grow tall in front of the thicket trees and bushes that border the back line, because Farm Bureau purchased the land behind us, and we feared they would cut all the shade and noise buffer down.  It's the only thing right now that blocks hwy 167 noise and keeps folks from looking straight into our back yard.

These are three of the four we moved. No, it doesn't look like much in these photos, but from my back door, it looks really nice. Slowly, my backyard is beginning to look like someone actually planned out the garden. Oh, it will never look like a photo in a magazine, but eventually, it will look nice enough that I won't be embarrassed for family to sit out there.

Now this is what my front looks like....

PITIFUL.  This is the third THIRD shrub I've tried in this spot. Nothing thrives, it just exists and I just don't know what to put there.

I'm going to give it one more summer to see if it perks up, and then if nothing changes, I'll be trying yet another type of shrub.  And now, since the cedars are gone, it looks pretty sad. I have no idea what to put in their place. I thought about holly bushes, but just don't know. And I even thought about boxwood. After taking the tall trees out, I wondered if I didn't like the low straight line of it better.  Any suggestions?

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FrouFrouBritches said...

Looks good to me!!! My flower beds look horrendous! Hubby ended up burning all the weeds/grass so he could replant. It loosk terrible!!!

I wish we lived out in the country. We are surrounded by neighbors! ICK!