Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and That and Rambling

I haven't come up with a good post topic, but hated to let the time go on and on without posting something.

Finally got over the illness that plagued me all last week. Thank you Lord. It was not fun.

SR and I ran up to Russellville Sunday to check on the boy child. I say child, but he's 26 years old. He will always be a boy to me though.  His hot water tank ruptured and his floors were flooded, so we went to see if we could be of any help. He wanted to replace his flooring anyway, so this was not the catastrophy it might have been. Still, he has a $1000.00 deductible so he may not get much from insurance.

I've had so many projects in my head that I can't focus on any one of them. The biggest problem right now, is not having the supplies I need to actually do them. J decided he wants Mama to sew a quilt for him. And she's all for that, but has nothing to do it with. Nada. I did take some graph paper and draw out three block patterns I want to do. I love old quilts, but the creative part of me won't settle for the simple beginners quilt blocks.

Yes, it's crooked, but I cut them out and taped them together to see how I wanted to place them. And I may have to create three more to make it work. I hope not. I may fall on my face, but I'm going to give it my best shot.  I know I won't get it the perfect size, because my blocks are not the norm, so that may be an issue. But, if it's large enough to cover him up when it's cold, that's good enough for me. I made a new friend through Erin, and she is helping me get started on this. I'm so grateful.

I was looking through old photos, because he also wanted one of himself as a little boy. And I found these.

Poor baby had just been through a lot to get here.

He was a beautiful child.

Couldn't post those without one of LeLe....

Ohhh, the memories........ So there is my rambling post.


LeLe said...

We were ugly babies. I'm scare Win isn't gonna be a looker right away. Haha. I love though that J's hair was red right off the bat.

Erin said...

Don't forget to tell me more about your block project as it gets started! :-)

Y said...

Quilts and babies...can it get any better than that?