Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to Business

So, I changed my mind. I know....back and forth, back and forth.  I should have thought about it longer before I actually imported to facebook. I never felt comfortable with it, and I should have listened to myself. I will copy and paste some of my posts, but not send every one of them automatically.  At least now I know there are a few folks out there who read me and keep up with the goings on around here. Anytime you want to comment, please do. You can email me, comment here, send a facebook message or send a card or letter.

The cold has really messed with my get up and go. After the beginning of the week was so hectic, I needed a day to just relax, but now I feel like a slug. I can't gather any momentum and can't get more done than simply sweeping the floor or dusting the living room. And yes, I'm blaming it on the cold....not on being lazy.

I did print out some patterns from my computer this morning. A couple of baby shoe patterns and a graphic I want to try to re-create for Little Man's room.  The first shoes were from and the second from .

I do want to say that even though I'm a little off my game this week, I am so thankful that I can choose to dust the living room or not. I can choose to sit on the couch all day long and read if I want. I can print out whatever I can find, sit at the computer as long as I wish, and watch as much HGTV as my poor brain can stand. I can go to the gym, go to Walmart, or go to sleep. I can cook a big supper or open a can of soup. I'm thankful I have a husband who allows me these privileges and is supportive in my staying home. I thank God for it every single day.


Sooz said...

I'm glad your back and staying. And those shoes are adorable!

LeLe said...

Yes, you are blessed b/c the only days I get off I am usually sick and can't get anything done around the house. :( At least I'm rested up and might actually feel like doing something today.

Lisa said...

I was thinking about looking up how to make those kind of shoes. Let me know if they were easy or not. I like easy,tend to get frustrated on hard things!
Glad your staying! i just "met" you.

goss0063 said...

Just a stranger saying that I hope you feel better soon. I know what it's like to have a cold take the wind out of your sales.