Thursday, January 7, 2010

More of the Same Ole Same Ole Nothing New....

Other than the weather being freakishly cold, there's nothing new going on.

Aunt is improving and we are hopeful she will go back to assisted living in a couple of weeks. That is our prayer.

Mom received her port yesterday, then chemo. She was feeling ok this morning when I checked on her.

Still thinking about new bedding. I'm thinking I need to stick with a pattern that has dark red, tan, beige, etc. in it because I can't afford to redo the master bathroom too. And since they are connected, I don't want two different color schemes. I found something on the Pottery Barn site that I really like. But, the cost is a real issue, so I might have to look for fabric that is similar and make it all.

I like these two, but also like the fabrics below.

And of course I love me some celtic knotwork.... It also comes in green, which I would prefer.

There are other designs I liked, but didn't want to fill up the entire blog with those photos.
I'll have to make some kind of decision soon, or put it off indefinitely.

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Y said...

Love the Corncockle and the Thistle Weave. It almost looks toile-ish! The printing of the historic fabrics really stands out.