Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Happens When You Google Your Memories

Sister #1 sent me a message today that tweaked my memory big time. And it reminded me of awhile back, when I tried to find the junior high school I attended while we were living in Bethlehem, PA. I found the school website, but there were no pictures of the actual school building on it. I was so disappointed, but I kept searching and finally found a small one.

And so I began searching for the apartment complex in which we resided while there. And what do you know? I found it as well! The time frame was circa 1970 and I was 11 and 12. I found some other photos of our family during that time and they are hilarious.
We were having a little play for the neighborhood. Cinderella to be exact and sister#1 was one of the stepsisters. I don't say "ugly" stepsister because I don't want to make her mad...
These are shots of the kitchen, dining room and bedroom in that complex. They are exactly as they were all those years ago, minus our personal furniture.

The difference then and now, is that our dining table was much larger, due to a large family, and the second of only two bedrooms was full of bunk beds for all four children. (Sister#3 was born after moving back to AR) Brother's little cot was set up in the walk in closet. (Believe me I know how weird that sounds, but it's true.
This is us in that dining room at Thanksgiving, thanking God for our blessings.

Here are some shots of us in the snow. And it snowed frequently. Once on Easter.

I got carried away with my little project, and went further back in my childhood and found a street view of the house we lived in when I was 9. We were in Shreveport, LA. I tried to copy or save it, but it cut the house off. I'll display it anyway.
I think my mother was happiest while we were living there. And she frequently begged my father to move back. I'm not sure why he wouldn't, but obviously, we never did. I'll have to dig into my mother's photo albums and get some pictures of us when we were there. I remember that house as if I saw it just last week. I had such a good time doing this. So many years ago....I'm very thankful for the internet today.


LeLe said...

Neat-o. Do you still remember the addresses of where you used to live? If so, I'm impressed.

B Lines said...

I remembered enough of it to find them. I'm surprised I did.