Saturday, May 2, 2009

Patience and Patients

The last week has been the most physically and mentally demanding in a long while. Sister#2's husband has been frantically trying to get our new laminate flooring down. Before he could begin, of course we had to demo the original vinyl and carpet. That was intensive, especially having to scrape the vinyl off the concrete floor. We lived with bare floors for a week or more before BIL could start installation. There was no place for the larger pieces of furniture to go, so we had to move it all to one side of the room, and as he worked we'd move the furniture back to the finished area. It was total chaos for what seemed like weeks, but the installation was actually only a few days. BIL works quickly and efficiently. At present, there are still a few finishing touches he needs to accomplish, but they won't take long.

During all of this, the clinic called me in to fill in two whole and two half days. Since I've gotten used to rest and relaxation at home, it was very hard on me. I spent the days working at the clinic, and the evenings working at cleaning up the installation trash, staining trim, and moving furniture around. When I woke this morning, I didn't feel as if I'd even been to bed. But, my floors are so bee-YOU-tee-ful! Funny thing last night is, we just couldn't figure out the angle in which the larger pieces of furniture rested. We are still tweaking that. As soon as we get everything situated, I'll post pics.

On a completely different vein.... I know we will be wishing for cool, overcast days come August and September, but it sure would be nice to have more mild, sunny days right now.

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