Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing Much Going On

I'm posting simply because I haven't updated lately. There really isn't anything much to tell. The rain has been unbelievable and no one can get out and do anything much. We finally have all the little things done on the flooring and I found an area rug at Garden Ridge that I liked, and could afford.... It's not what I had really wanted, but I believe it is a better choice after seeing it down. I wanted something a little more contemporary, since most of what I have is more traditional.

My brother's daughter is expecting a baby in November. We are excited for them but we know we will not get to see the little darling much. They live outside of Chicago.

I thought I might be working one or two days a week at the clinic, just to help out, but that didn't work out. That is both a relief and a disappointment. I'm relieved that I will be free as a bird, but disappointed that I will not have a way to make a little spending money, or have social interaction. It's all for the best though. God knows what He is doing and I trust Him.

Mom's referral to a spine doctor for her severe lower back pain did not pan out, so it's back to square one and back to her PCP to see if she can get some relief.

I've been touching up baseboards and doing a little trim staining of late. Getting back into the rhythm of having no set hours and no one to please but myself. It's nice. Planning on painting the front door and shutters if the RAIN ever stops.

So that is the mundane post of the week, gentle readers. Have a good day.

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LC said...

I love the rug!