Saturday, April 19, 2008

Perfect Saturday

The weather today in Sheridan, Arkansas, USA is absolutely perfect. A light breeze, sunshine, warm, and wonderful. I took the opportunity to purchase some bedding plants and do a little gardening. I will need to purchase more, because the new rock bed around the tree has more space than I imagined.

Closeup of small bedding plants that need some company.

I also filled the pots on my front porch with a variety of plants. I've seen it done in hospitals and public gardens, and wanted to try my hand at it. When they begin to grow we will see how successful I was. I'd love to have even larger pots, but I have no place around the house that would be spacious enough to put them.

This is my idea of a perfect Saturday. Now, after all that digging, I can relax and enjoy.


Y said...

Sooo pretty! Can't wait to see when they all grow!

Michelle said...

Oooh, I like it! All of it! We are trying to landscape our house, too. It's very hard to decide sometimes!

Sooz said...

Love those pot creations!