Thursday, April 17, 2008

As Promised

My other success I spoke of was finally, after about two years, finding the antique bed I wanted. After hunting antique shops all over the area, I drove by a new little place in Sheridan and it was standing out front of the shop, just waiting for me.

It's what I have referred to as a "Paneled Headboard" and maybe you can see the detailing in the photo below.

I'm told it's made of chestnut, a tree that has been long extinct, so it must be a very antique thing. It smelled so old, I was almost giddy. Believe me, I know how weird that sounds, but for an antique lover, there is a certain smell to a really old piece of furniture. I learned of it in childhood, when my parents and grandparents purchased antique pieces. Guess I inherited their love of all things antique. That smell often takes me back to my childhood memories. Very pleasant ones too.


LeLe said...

Whenever you buy your step stool to get in the bed, I want you to post a picture of that. Haha.

Sooz said...

That bed is really beautiful! What a great find!

Y said...

You finally found your bed!!! It's beautiful! I know the smell you're talking about. Sets me off on dreaming what it was like back when. Too bad old pieces can't talk to tell their stories!