Thursday, April 24, 2008

The End of the Work Week

Monday and Tuesday were terribly busy and we always blame it on the full moon. My husband didn't believe me the first time I mentioned that. And he looked at me like I had two heads when I simply said the word, "Lunatic?". He had no clue that it referred to the moon and still doesn't really believe me for some strange reason. Days like that make me want to just give up and stay at home, even if it means I don't get a new vehicle ever again. (We are in the considering stages of purchasing another vehicle)

I took a day off Wednesday. I had an early morning appointment with a urologist, just to make sure my solitary kidney was healthy, then I proceeded to do a little shopping and purchase a few new items of clothing and some bedding plants. After lunch, SR and I worked in the yard and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a wonderful day and made it very hard to go back to work yesterday.

It did show me however, that my hair is way too thick and hot, so I decided to cut it even shorter. It feels very light and is easy to fix now. LeLe was against it, and said what I planned was too short, but I like it better than the length it was. And my co-workers encouraged me to go for it. Maybe sometime, someone will actually take a picture of me and I can post it. It seems I'm always the one taking the photos.

Yesterday was a normal day at work. Not too busy but just enough to keep the time flying. And now I am at the end of the work week, glad it's over and I have my three day weekend to enjoy. At this moment, life is good. (eventhough I actually went in to work today, and did some cleaning and catching up.)

My baby sister is not having a very happy time right now. She is in the hospital with Staph in her face. She is swollen and in a lot of pain, poor thing. If all goes as planned, I will be traveling to Russellville where she is in the hospital, to see her on Sunday. Please remember her in your prayers.


Y said...

Prayer already started before I got to the line asking for it. Keep us posted how she's doing. Speaking as a career telephone person, YES!!! people go insane at the full moon! We always dreaded working nights at the full moon. Can't wait to sew the new 'do'!!!

Y said...

SEE the new hairdo. Can't type today! ;)

LeLe said...

I guess the reason you didn't tell me you were getting it cut was because I didn't want you to. Thanks for including me. :( I hope you don't look like what I said you'd look like.

B Lines said...

I don't remember what you said I'd look like. Guess I blocked that out. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do little girl. ;) I didn't think to tell you exactly when I was getting it cut, just that it was planned. Sorry.

Sooz said...

Praying for your sister. New haircuts always feel so good!