Friday, October 19, 2007

The Week in Review

I haven't written lately due to fatigue mainly. The days at work seem to get longer and more stressfull by the week. The following, however, has been happening and I finally found the time to devote to typing it up....

1.) We hired a new L.P.N. to replace the one that left. She is young, beautiful, and seems to be a hard worker. She has only been able to work two days so far, and will work two days next week, due to babysitting issues. After that, she will have a regular sitter and will be with us every day. We are very pleased with what she has shown us in the first two days and if she continues in that vein, we have a winner ladies and gentlemen! The lab is cleaner than I've ever seen it, and that's just in the two days she's worked. Looks promising!

Our little clinic has always been steady, but lately it's been overwhelmed with the amount of patients requesting appointments. This time of year the allergy problems start, and school children share virus ailments abundantly. We have been inundated with new patient requests. We really don't know why. It could be that we are a really great place, or it could be these are problem patients who move from doctor to doctor until they get what they want. Time will tell.

2.) I am an adult. I am very MUCH an adult, and at 49, it is really aggravating to find acne on my face. My personal nurse says it's stress. Be that as it may, I tried to combat the villain with generic clearasil. Unfortunately, the ingredients did NOT agree with my skin and I swelled up like a balloon. For the past week, I have felt and looked as though I spent 8 hours in the sun without sunscreen. The only good thing is that the acne is gone. For now.

3.) At church tomorrow, we are kicking off our Operation Christmas Child emphasis. I love shopping to fill those shoe boxes for underpriviledged children in other countries. It takes so little to make them so happy. How blessed we are in the USA! Our On Mission Team is also planning a Christmas Festival to be held in Southland Village the Saturday before Christmas. This is a "trailer park" and the field is ripe unto harvest. We've discussed trying to purchase a small trailer and set it up as a base of operations for the entire year. We would like to hold Sunday School in the trailer as well as have a "Clothes Closet" operation. Please pray for this mission and that God will lead us in the direction HE wants us to go. This will be our first major step in the Acts 1:8 Challenge.

4.)My daughter and son-in-law are beginning their move back to the Sheridan area. Hooo Raaayyyy! I'll be so glad to have my LeLe closer. I love having them at the same church again. I just wish I had my baby boy here too, but he's where God wants him to be at present.

5.) It's fall, but the weather has not cooperated. Today however, has been pretty nice. I slept with the window open last night. I say I slept, but I really just tossed and turned all night. I have problems sleeping and can't tolerate the usual sleep aids. I don't know if I will ever find anything to help me get a good nights' sleep, but I keep trying.

6.) I bought a new cell phone. A Sony Ericsson. It has all kinds of bells and whistles, but I'm scared to death to use any of them. It can play mp3's but I'm afraid of running up a big phone bill so I probably won't download any from online. I don't know how to get it to play them anyway. I did download one new ringtone though. That was a treat. I have had this phone for 7 full days and I've received two calls on it. That's a little depressing, but maybe after my contacts realize I have a new number, they will call. ;) Don't call us, we'll call you.....

And that has been my week.


LeLe said...

I go through eras of adult acne. The only thing I found that worked well was the generic Pro-Active at Walmart called "Acne Free." However, if it's the benzoyl perioxide that is disagreeing with you, this might not work. Plus, it will bleach your clothes if any splashes on you, so don't wear any good clothes.

I'm glad to be moving back too! We have a bunch of stuff from one of Mabe's trade shows that can go in some of the OCC boxes. I'll show you tomorrow.

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...


I am visiting from the comment you left on my blog. I just wanted to say I am going to add you to my prayer list re: your sleeplessness. I know how hard that is to endure especially if you are like me and need a lot of sleep to feel good. May God bless you and your family.

~ Mrs. Ladybug ~

B Lines said...

Thank you Mrs. Ladybug. I covet as many prayers as I can get. And I have an announcement to make... I have been called THREE times now on my new phone. Yayyyy, thanks to LeLe.

Sooz said...

I hope the LPN works out and she stays faithful! #2 I hate adult acne. I have been fortunate to not deal with acne much at all my entire life and hope to keep it that way!
I feel your mobile phone woes. I get very few calls and the cost of all the extras is really ridiculous.
Praying you sleep restfully..every now and then after a stressful work week I have to take a couple Tylenol PM's and that seems to help me a lot.

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...

Hello again,

Just wanted to let you know that you can now find me at:

I had to combine blogs. Having 3 was just too difficult to manage.

Still praying for you!

Michelle said...

Sorry about the sleep issues. And, the acne. Yeah--mine flairs up every now and then, but I think mine is hormone-related. Stinks!

Glad that Lele is movin' closer!

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...

I would like to add you to my links section. Is that ok?