Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I've mentioned my problem with getting a good night's sleep before. It continues to plague me. I tried yet another presciption medication last night to no avail. Nothing I can find will work more than once in a while, if at all. It's getting a bit costly to "try" medications over and over when you have to pay 20.00 for 21 pills.

I used to grin behind my hand when my "elders" talked about not sleeping.I considered it an old person problem. Sort of like all they talked about was sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. My grandmother was famous for telling everyone she couldn't sleep, but every afternoon you would find her napping for a few hours. I believed she couldn't sleep because she was sleeping in the daytime. And that might have been part of it, but as I now have trouble sleeping, I wonder if that was really it. So, I guess my attitude is coming back to haunt me. Figures.

I do believe part of my problem is stress related. Tuesday was such a stressful day for me, that I wasn't able to sleep more than a hour at a time all night. But there again, last night was the same for me. I wind up getting up several times a night, trying medications that I've tried before, hoping against hope something will decide to work for me. The next day I battle the effects of these medications. They make me feel tired on top of the fatigue related to not getting enough restful sleep, and make my stomach hurt. My nurse keeps encouraging me to go to a sleep clinic. Problem is, my pattern is different every night and with my luck, I would sleep like a baby that particular time. I just think that the doctors at the sleep clinic will do exactly the same thing I am doing now. Trial and error in the medication department.

Therefore, I just keep on battling the problem and venting about it. It's the American way. ;)


Michelle said...

Sorry, B Lines. Email me and I'll give some suggestions....

LeLe said...

Dear Lord,

Please don't let me inherit my mother's sleep-deprivation.

In Jesus' Name,

B Lines said...

Ha Ha Ha. You are sooo funny.

LeLe said...

Is that sarcasm I read in your reply? No...couldn't be. Not you.

Boo ran away. I hope he'll come back.

~ Our Humble Cottage ~ said...

I know it is wrong but I laughed when you said that the sleep thing came back to haunt you. It seems as soon as I say something, usually within a year or two I experience the same thing and then I learn my lesson. Now, if I think a thought like that, I will immediately pray "LORD, I didn't mean that." I really do!

I hope you are getting better sleep by now though. I am a sleep hog and get grumpy when I lack it.

~ Mrs. Louisa Gabrielle ~