Monday, September 17, 2007

Success of Another Kind

This weekend was mostly a good one for me. Friday was spent doing the yearly doctor thing, and gathering a few needed items from Wally World. Saturday SR took the day off and for my birthday we went antique shopping. We have been looking all over for certain items. Twice we found things I would have been happy with, and the price was right, but the weather was not. We couldn't haul furniture home in the bed of a truck when the rain was pouring down. Disappointment and frustration was the order of those two days. But, God in his wisdom, and His goodness, wanting to give me the desire of my heart, had a plan.

We traveled to Malvern, then up I-30 to Benton, and on to Bryant to shop the Antique and Flea Markets along the interstate. Blackwell's was having a half price sale. Whoopie! We found an absolutely gorgeous antique china cabinet and considered buying it. We kept looking and found a dresser that was perfect. Hmmm, two items. Pricey. Well, I had money saved up, and it was my birthday gift we were shopping for, soooooo, I talked SR into buying both! I was so happy I was in tears. It was all I could do not to walk behind the store owner with a stupid grin on my face when I was showing him what we wanted.

We got both pieces home, I shined them up and they are awesome. As soon as I get them into their perfect places, I will take a photo and share. The china cabinet is more elegant and more expensive than anything I found earlier. So, God knew it was going to be there at that price. Isn't He something?!


Y said...

Can't wait to see!!!

Sooz said...

Looking forward to seeing the antiques.

Michelle said...

Yaaay for china cabinets and agreeable husbands! haha. We know how to pick 'em don't we? LOL.