Thursday, September 13, 2007


I decided to be play it very low-key, on this, my 49th birthday. I usually tease my family about it, reminding them, and play around at work about it. But, for some reason I really didn't want anyone to make a fuss this year. Birthdays in my life have not been a really big deal. When I was growing up, we didn't have big parties every year, or even occasionally as I recall. I can only remember having one party, and it was a "bunkin' party" when I was in the 7th grade I think. When my kids were growing up, I gave them more parties than I ever thought about having, but not really that many, now that I look back. As they got older, they really didn't want them. So, like I said, birthdays have never been a big deal. As it turned out, I received more phone calls and cards this year than I can EVER remember getting. No one in my family forgot about it, and I received cards from people I never expected. I even received flowers from a former co-worker. SR and I are going antique shopping on Saturday to see if I can find something special.

For those of you who sent a card or an email, thank you so much. I love you all. Just taking time from your busy lives, to sit down and send an email, or actually write a card and mail it, is a precious thing to me.

I will now be 49 every year. (probably until I'm 59)


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, again, B Lines!

Sooz said...

So glad your birthday was more special than you expected! Happy hunting for your something special.

Les said...

Happy belated B-day, Mrs. B! (Sorry it's late, but I've been out of town for the past three days.)