Saturday, September 1, 2007

Don't Give Up

In an earlier post I mentioned that I waited too late to purchase a couple of outdoor flower pots for the front of my house. I'm not a great shopper, and don't enjoy going from place to place in search of what I'm really wanting, unless there is a definite need for it right away. As I have to go shopping from time to time for necessary items, I look for things I didn't find the last time I shopped. As I was in the Benton Walmart yesterday, I decided to take a look in the garden center, just to see if maybe there was anything there, that hadn't been the last time. Low and behold!!! The exact two pots I missed buying at the Sheridan Walmart were there on the shelf calling my name. Where did they come from? There were only two of them, and at the same price I remembered. Glory be, I grabbed those jokers and off I went to check out. Maybe the pot fairy took them from Sheridan and placed them on the shelf at Benton.

So, after returning home, I them set up in the front and I decide to put dirt in the one that is sitting upright. I think I'll put a mum in it when it gets a little cooler. I love to have brightly colored mums in the yard for the fall. I have some plastic pots on the outskirts of our yard, that have no flowers but still have dirt. They are just for "dirt storage" and I found one, and brought it around to the front to transfer the dirt from one to the other. As I poured it out, I also poured out a million red ants. Thankfully, I didn't get stung, which is a miracle, but I quickly poured them and the dirt back into the original pot. I searched the garage and yard for something to spray on them. The one can of bug spray I found was nearly empty, and the large sprayer SR uses to combat the pesky things was empty too. Luckily, when he got home from work, he mixed up a good batch of poison and went to work on that pot of dirt/ants. I just hope I didn't get another mound of them started in my flower bed. SR has to spray weekly and sometimes daily to keep them away from the house.

This is Labor Day weekend and I'm also taking Tuesday off. It has an amazing effect on my emotional state. Even Thursday when I knew the weekend was upon me, I was giddy. We are going to Russellville on Tuesday to see baby boy. It's been too long since I could give him a hug.


Yotee said...

WOW!!! Score on the pots! Whooo-hooooo!!!!! Have a fantastic, long weekend!

Michelle said...

Yaaaaay!!! Perserverance pays off, B Lines! Glad you found what you were looking for!