Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LMW's Fun MonDAY

Yesterday was an interesting and fun day for LMW and his Nanna and Da. First thing we did was travel around the neighborhood block on our "Mater Wagon."
The little "Mater" truck is motorized, but LMW is still a little unsure of it so he refuses to ride it for more than three feet or so. We accidentally discovered that he will ride it if it's set down inside his red wagon. Funny kid. It's a little harder for Nanna to pull up and down the hills but if it makes him happy, she'll do it and be glad of the exercise.... ahem...

When we turned one of the corners to go down a different street, there in all its glory was a Little Tikes Spaceship on the curb waiting for the garbage pickup. Whoa Nelly!! We took a quick look-see, then proceeded to knock on the door of the house to ask permission to take it home. Fortunately, the lady of the house is not only a fellow church member, but generous. She gladly gave us permission, and pointed out the places on it that needed repair if possible. No big thing!!
It needed a little tlc, so we went to work on it, cleaning it up and taking off the broken slide. LMW already had one, so we attached it where the old one came off. Easy as pie!
NASA engineers were hard at work yesterday, tweaking and polishing the shuttle.
What fun! But the day wasn't over! Next we took a trip to see Mammaw and Pappaw in Rison. LMW's great grandparents, who were tickled pink to see him.
He had a wonderful time running up and down the hall and turning flips on the carpet. Fun, fun!! And still the party wasn't over... Next we ran by to visit "Aunt Bebe" (Nanna's sister#1) All the kids have always called her that, being easier to say than Beverly.
According to his Mommy, LMW slept very well during the night as well he should have. Such a busy and fun time he had. Who says Mondays are bad??!! But wait! There's more! When we got home, LMW had a BINGO prize in the mail. Wooo Hooo!! Ms. Sharon sent this:
How cute is that?!!! He tried his best to tear into the sprinkler, but it was late and Nanna put it away until Wednesday when he can really get into it and play.
Aren't these little charm squares adorable??!! I can't wait to make a little soft quilt or throw for LMW with them. He wanted me to take off the binding so he could see what they were and jabbered about the puppy. Thanks Sharon!!!

That was quiet enough fun for one day, I can assure you. I'm looking forward to sprucing up the Spaceship a bit more with some paint, and letting the boy play in the water. Fun times!!


LeLe said...

He's such a ham! He talked about "Aunt Baby" all night long.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a great 'find' that is sure to have penty of life for that youngster.

Y said...

What a day! And, quilt squares, too!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

What a funny boy in his mator wagon. And that little rascals looks adorable!