Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun

 Ah haz meh hat, meh stick, meh drink, meh ride, and meh showfer. Ah'z ready for a road trip! Ohhhh Boyee!!

Now where duz Ah wants to go??

Iz gunna costs meh how much?!

Gud ting Ah gots meh trusty stick to keep goggieez away!!

Ohhh!!! Ah tolz you not ta go dat way!!!

And Ah sayz, "You stayz away frum me you goggie!"


Dis ridin' iz stursty bidness!


Erin said...

love this post! it's adorable :-)

and i heard how he picked out his own hat today, too cute!

Belinda said...

He sure did! I was amazed. I held up SpongeBob and Cars and asked him which one he wanted. He looked from one to the other and reached for the Cars hat.

Tonya said...

Good for him. Cars is much better than sponge Bob!!

Y said...

Oh, now hold on. Sponge Bob is The Man. Win knew enough to get Cars (awesome) and Sponge Bob hats. He's the kiddo in the know!

This post is so cute I'm in stitches! Goggies! Just too adorable! Win carries him a BIG stick for them goggies! :)