Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ok, getting a bargain is not really an impressive thing to blog about. I never, repeat never find something on clearance that works for me. So, when I finally found a little something, to me it was definitely newsworthy...

As you may remember, I've been gathering items to redecorate my bedroom and attached bathroom. It's slow going with funds being limited, but today I spied a little something that I had been pondering for the longest.

A set of hooks that match the curtain I bought several weeks ago.

In the photo, it doesn't look like they match and the names of the designs are different. The lighting must be playing tricks on us, but they definitely do go together in real life.  What did I pay for them? They were originally $8.00, but I found them on clearance........wait for it........for $2.00!!!! I was thrilled.

I wasn't even looking for anything, just browsing. What a blessing!!!!

Another thing to be thankful for, and you might consider a score, is that LMW has been using the potty. Yes, he's not even quite 11 months old, but the genius has been sitting there like a big boy and doing his business. SWEET!!

 And I have finally gotten back into some clothes that were a bit too tight for comfort.  Not posting pics of that folks, sorry... :P  What a great week so far!!! God is so good!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Sounds like someone is having a great week! Maybe LMW could come potty train L. UGH! I know autistic kids take longer, but good grief! Congrats on both your frugal find AND fitting in your clothes. I'm totally jealous!

Y said...

WOW! Major score, all the way around! I hope the whole rest of your week keeps going as well!

Erin said...

i love a good deal!
and i've been hearing about how great W's been doing with his potty. so proud of you all!

LeLe said...

Hooray! Peggy told me today that Maburn was 20 months when he was finished training so maybe he gets his early training habits from his daddy. Aunt Melanie, however, took 30 months. Whoa!