Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pretty Much Perfect Saturday

After a very long and tiring week, today was as close to perfect as a Saturday could get.

I started the day by staying in bed longer than usual. Ahhhh, so nice.

A short trip to Walmart to get a few necessities, and no waiting in line. Woo hoo. Very little traffic in town as well.

Next on my agenda, was to visit the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and purchase an inexpensive baby gift for an upcoming shower. Not often can I find something in my price range there, but joy, joy, I found the perfect thing for exactly what I wanted to spend. How great is that?!

Ok, errands taken care of, so next was yard work. Work I planned to do earlier in the week, but an unexpected day of LMW took precedence. And that was fine with Nanna!

I cleaned out flower beds, transferred a bush and some hostas from the front to the back, and planted a few bedding plants in pots. I finished the yard off, with a good scrubbing of the back porch and it sparkles! I'm so happy with that.

After mopping up the dirty floor, (from said yard work tracking in and out) I took a nice long hot shower. Ahhhh.

Then to the sewing machine I went. I spent a few hours replacing some velcro on LMW's diaper covers, and then worked on SR's Irish Chain. Now I'm ready to start the "quilt as you go" process... and I'm just a little scared. Never done that before, and I hope, hope, hope it works out better than trying to quilt the whole thing at once.

Now it's time to kick back in the recliner and rest a bit. Tomorrow is the Lord's day and I am helping with a bridal shower in the afternoon. Lot's of young people getting hitched in the next couple of months. Not to mention my own fine son and his lovely fiance! I'm excited about that!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful, productive day. Thank you that I have the freedom to do as I please without worrying about bombs, attacks, or lack of basic needs. Thank God from Whom all blessings flow!

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LeLe said...

Glad you had a great day. We had a good one too. LMW was in a wonderful mood, I got lots done during the first nap and got to rest during the second one. We spent a little time out on the porch before bathtime and he enjoyed the birds and barking dogs and kids in the neighborhood. A great day, indeed.