Monday, January 10, 2011


As I wrote yesterday, I woke from a nap to snow. I took some photos hoping to get some really good shots with my new camera.

I love watching the birds in the back yard, especially when the feeders are full and the weather is cold. SR wiped the snow away so they could get to the openings for their food.

As you can see, my cedar trees are still dead. (I suppose we will remove them in the spring.) And you can tell how deep the snow was, which was pretty deep for south central Arkansas.

The Goldfinches have appeared.

The view from my back door last night. You can see the snow falling.

The view from my front door this morning.

Watching for his chance...

My new camera is faster than the old one, and I was able to catch the chickadee before he flitted away. They fly down from above, grab the seed and immediately fly away again. It's hard to get a good photo of them.

 All fluffed up with the cold. Brrrrrr!

The snow will be with us for a while, as the temps are going to hover around the freezing mark for several days. I'm sure the school kids are going nuts with glee, and their parents are moaning. At least this snow is deep enough, and wet enough for snowmen, so they can get outside and have some fun!


Erin said...

i love your bird photos!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Great pictures! So pretty of that cardinal. We got 5 1/2 inches. How much did y'all end up with?