Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Friends, I need some advice. I've been sitting in my dreary living room, realizing that everything is either brown, sage green, dull rust, or wheat colored. It's beginning to be very monochromatic and depressing. Everytime I've bought something, it's the same color again. All my furniture is some shade of brown, and the new flooring we put down last year is dark brown. (I wanted a lighter brown, but I let SR choose) Take a look in these photos. And don't be fooled by the camera flash. It made the pictures look brighter than the room actually is.
As you can see, furniture is brown, tan and sage. Walls are wheat. Decorations are brown, and dull rust. Floors are brown, lamps are brown, pillow, throws, curtains, all dusty brown, rust or sage. I'm in a rut.

I can't paint because the room opens into the dining and kitchen. Toooo much work. I can't paint just a focal wall, because the only walls that would make an impact are the ones running into the kitchen or dining room. Besides, SR just wouldn't go for it. He is in love with the wheat walls. I need a way to infuse something more dramatic into the scene. Maybe some different pillows or curtains. I could change out the artwork, for something a bit livlier, but what color?

I can't paint any of the furniture because of the monumental task that would be, and again, SR would not go for it. He lives there too, and has a right to his opinion. What would you do ladies? What color would you introduce? I can't see the popular aqua fitting in. I could add a little black, but I don't know exactly where. I did mull over the idea of painting the tv cabinet a crisp white, but I don't think that will really solve the problem.
The only color is in my rug.
So, if I drew one of those out, which one would make an impact? They are all pretty muted as well. If I changed the drapes, what color would look nice, but not clash. 

I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing. I'm lost right now. Just don't have a clue. And not a lot of money to spend in the doing of it anyway. HELP! This is an SOS and I need all hands on deck!


Under Her Wings said...

If you're going to keep what you have, the purple would probably be the best color to liven up the room. I have a similar problem upstairs in my house. It's so much darker than downstairs, which is terra cotta, yellows and greens. I love it, but I live upstairs!

Belinda said...

Maybe it looks purple in the rug, but it's maroon. Are you talking a bright purple or eggplant like color? I never thought of that.

Belinda said...

And, I wondered about using cobalt blue in there. Using accent pieces like vases or flowers...grasping here.

Erin said...

i agree with the purple. but i'm going bright green in my living room. we're going to buy dark brown couches and a printed chair, the walls and floor are both fairly neutral, light taupe maybe? i am going thrifting to get a bunch of old frames that i'll paint varying shades from bright green to black. or maybe just green. or maybe just black. haven't figured it out yet. then that will take over the big wall!

Belinda said...

I'm not really a purple kinda girl. Are you both sure about this? And what shade of purple?

Y said...

Hey this is Elissa. I say take a 12 pack of crayons. Pick a color out of it, my favorites for your room would be Red, Purple or Blue. Add those colors in the form of throw pillows/blankets, curtain, lamp shade etc. Then add black, lamp, curtain rod and whatever else you can think of.

This is Y: Haven't had a chance to look real good yet, but black curtain rods was my first thought. Elissa was having too good a time looking to let me look! ;) Everyone getting ready to leave...back later.

Y said...

Everything is so beautiful now it's difficult to look with a 'critical' eye and see it any different! I could maybe see opportunities for change in a very saturated color (of whatever color you choose) in chair cushions for the dining table chairs and you could play with the back of the interior of the hutch. By the way, I LOVE your livingroom curtains! No way would I change those. A bold, black rod would really emphasise the curtains and make you take a second look. I just noticed the lamp shades are blending into the wall color. Try a maroon or black shade (only 'cause I think I'm liking more of the maroon and rust you already have in the room.) I think you don't need as much change as you think. Just tweek what you have because it's already what you love and so pretty.

Belinda said...

Those are great ideas. And I also got a good suggestion via private email. I think a little at a time, I may just implement some of these ideas. If I add cushions to the dining chairs, I will have to make them myself and make them very thin, because my legs are so durn short, I am uncomfortable in them as it is. I can't do anything to the inside of the hutch or the hubs would freak out. ;) I think fabric is the way to go and I thank you all very much for your help!