Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Feeling My Age

I don't consider myself "old" unless you count the body aches. My brain still thinks I'm 35, but my body argues heartily. When I was much younger, if I gained a few pounds, I'd diet them off right away. Not so easy now. I've gained a few...well, a little more than a few, but not so many that I feel like a blimp. (Thank goodness) But, it's come to the point where I really need to shed a few. I don't want, nor do I intend to diet until I'm thin again, just enough to be able to wear clothes I've grown out of. And of course there is the whole feeling good thing to consider. My joints are rapidly becoming achy and stiff.

I've tried walking. It is the least detestable exercise I can think of. Trouble is, my low back pain suffers greatly and then the neuropathy sets in and I'm miserable. So, I'm searching for a low impact, fat burning, cardio dvd that won't kill me. I have never liked exercise, especially not calisthenics, so I am being very vigilant in my search. I know what I will and will not follow through on.

I've always had trouble losing weight. I'm not exactly sure why, but it could have something to do with my thyroid issues, and that I'm short short short with a very low metabolism. Diet pills don't work for me. They do not ease my appetite, only make my body more tired than normal.

I know the size aspect is not the most important thing right now. I need to strengthen my heart and work my muscles and joints. The weight loss will be an extra bonus. If I can figure out how to go about it. I'm counting fat grams and staying away from sugar, and when I find the exercise regime I will follow, I should be set.

I won't discuss the vanity issue except to say, we all deal with it to some degree. And losing weight would help my self image.


amanda leeann said...

thanks for the visit and comment!

i gained a few pounds last year, and they're still around. i'm trying to figure out how to get rid them, because none of my clothes fit. it's annoying. so good luck! i hope you find something that works for you! [and then you can pass it on to me haha]

LeLe said...

I must get the low metabolism from you. There isn't much in this world I detest more than exercise and I think it's because it takes SO much for me to see any results. Like, more than most people. And I hate that I have to both diet and exercise to lose weight. Sucks.