Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Child's Heart

I was pondering ideas for posting. There really isn't much to write about, when you stay home most every day, except mundane day to day activities. And you can only take so much of that before you get burned out. I started thinking about ideas I had early on, and this came to mind.

J was just a little bitty thing when he asked Jesus into his heart. He was only 6 or so. I remember exactly how it happened and where. He had been talking about it for a while, and one night, tucked in bed, he wanted to do it. I explained how to ask Jesus to be your Savior, and I made it clear that he had to mean it, not just say it. He assured me in his childlike manner that he really did mean it and proceeded to ask Jesus into his heart. It was a thrilling thing for a mother to experience and yet it was so normal feeling. I'm not sure I can explain that. Just that a mother rejoices in her child's salvation, but it was as if it was just another evening where Christ was honored in our home. Does that make sense?

Not long after that, Jared took his pocket knife, and carved words into the planks, that made a very narrow porch at the end of our house. Jesus Christ by Jared. When we moved, we couldn't bear to leave it, so we took it off, and replaced it. We have it displayed in one of our bedrooms to remind us of the event. I'm not sure you can tell much from these photos, but I thought I'd try to post them and see.

This is the entire board. The words are not really obvious, but you can see it was weathered.



By Jared

These are the things parents reminisce about in their old age.....


LeLe said...

He was (and still is) such a sweet kid (most of the time).

LC said...

That's absolutely precious!

Michelle said...

Man! I can't WAIT for my kids to reach that point. I will just about come unhinged with tears and rejoicing! I'm so thankful that God gives mothers wisdom to lead their young to Him. It's like it comes full circle or something...God gave them to you, you help lead them back to Him. Amazing.

Michelle said...

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE that J had a pocket knife at that age! haha. Daniel has one that we only let him have when Eric is around.