Saturday, December 8, 2007


Those of you who know me best, know that I am REALLY into all things medieval and celtic. I frequently window shop online for celtic jewelry and decorative items. I think I may have been born in the wrong time, but of course, God makes no mistakes. LeLe brought me a catalog the other day called: Gaelsong.I ooohd and aaaaahd over every page and if money was no object, probably would have started making purchases as soon as I could get to my computer. My dream is to some day, actually make it over to Scotland and maybe Ireland, since they are where my ancestors originated as far as I can tell.

Last night I was given the opportunity to enjoy a dinner called "Madrigal Feast", given by my neice's high school choir. (My sister's child) It's a yearly event and I loved it. All the choir members dress in medieval clothing and it's held in an Episcopal church that looks as if it was airlifted from the 5th century and set down in the middle of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The setting was awesome and many of the younger choir members served us in the appropriate serving attire. Our wench was very sweet and helpful. ;) By candlelight, we were served a good meal of prime rib, green beans, new potatoes and flaming plumb pudding. The best part however, was the music. Harpsicord, flute, guitar and trumpet were the only instruments but they sounded unbelievable. The choir's performance was outstanding and unique. They not only stood at the front of the room singing, but also moved around the room several times for several numbers. My neice has been gifted beyong measure with her vocal talent. I believe it is due to the Lord of course, but she inherited the gift from both sides of her family. I'm told by those who knew her, that my paternal grandmother was quite the singer. And Neice's paternal grandmother was a gifted singer in her day as well.

This is Neice's last performance at Madrigals before graduating and her mom was in tears much of the time. They are a very close family and it' so good to see. I am very glad I went, eventhough I'm not a night owl and it usually causes me to have a restless night when I eat so late. But God blessed me and I was able to finally go to sleep when I got home and have a restful night.

Thanks Neice, for your hard work and for sharing your gift with all of us. We love hearing you sing and we love you more than you could imagine.


LeLe said...

I hate that I've never gotten to go to Mae-Mae's Madrigals.

Sooz said...

Sounds like a fun time. My sister used to be involved with this Renaissance festival while in high school and college. It was great!

Les said...

Your niece definitely has an impressive vocal talent. I remember her singing at Lele's wedding.