Saturday, December 8, 2007

*Another Frazzled Female

As LeLe occasionally does, I want to share a devotional reading with readers. This one hit me directly in the center of my heart and I believe it is appropriate for those of us who are so busy, we are overwhelmed.
It's written by Cindi Wood and is published in the December issue of Journey: A Woman's Guide to Intimacy With God.

The Core of the Problem
God has a beautiful invitation to all who find themselves caught up in the lifestyle of too many things to do with not enough time to do them. If you are anxious, pressured, and depleted by the demands placed on your life right now, God has something better in mind for you. Too little time is not actually the problem. The core of the problem may be having too much to do!

If you offer your heart, mind, and emotions to your Heavenly Father, He will direct you about all the things He wants you to be involved in during your daily schedule.

For me, the revelation about what should occupy my days comes in my quiet alone time. Part of what I do during that time with Him is go over my plans for the day, praying over each item and asking His take on what fills my day. He, more than once, has impressed me to strike something off my list.

I've learned not to assume that just because something is good, God wants me to be doing it at this particular time in my life. When I seek God's counsel and ask Him to be in control of my to-do list, He truly impresses on me what should be on it in the first place. Sometimes I'm impressed to strike off "little things." There have been other times when He has called me specifically to drop out of an activity for a while so that I may have more time to be with my family and grow our relationships.

I believe God wants us to learn to enjoy His fellowship at a more relaxed pace. For some reason we busy women equate being busy for God as being productive for Him. But you know, He is showing me that I'm more productive when I'm less busy and more relaxed.

It's my prayer that you will begin to check areas in your life where you might be overcommitted. Take some time with the Lord, seeking His direction. And remember, making sure you are less busy will help you have more time for sitting at His feet, and that's to your advantage!

end of article

There is a link at the bottom which is: I haven't checked it out yet, but I plan to. As I have been gnashing and wailing about all I have to do this month, I was glad to read this. There may be something I can drop out of, (after checking with God first) and if so, it will be a relief. I find it hard to enjoy the Christmas season when I have so much to do that requires lots of preparation and I be away from home. I hope you younger women will be able to find a happy medium in all you must do to take care of your families and be involved in church activities. Merry Christmas!

(Mrs. Louisa Gabrielle, I hope you are well.)
** 3/17/2009 I changed the title of this post, because I saw that others were doing a google search on the original title and finding my blog. I don't believe that was their intention, and decided to change it because that title actually belongs to a dot com site.


LeLe said...

Oh, I feel the frazzledness (new word). I once did a study on the "Frazzled Female" but some of it didn't really apply b/c I wasn't married and don't have kids. It's more geared toward mothers...

Sooz said...

Same here Lele..I did that Bible study and it was almost like the first Beth Moore study I just did not apply to me since I was not married with children. I have no Ancient Ruins yet!
B-Lines so glad you talked to me last night about the CC situation. Now I don't feel so alone about how I feel.

LeLe said...

I know you're frazzled, but I need something to read. You gonna post anything? :)