Friday, August 17, 2007

I Waited Too Long.....Again

I always hear, "If you see what you want, you'd better get it right then. It's never there when you go back for it." It is SO TRUE. I haven't really finished landscaping my yard. We've been in our house for 5 years and I'm still working on it. I wonder if you ever get finished?... I have a nice built up flower bed in front of my living room window with azaleas planted. I decided to place one nice pot under the spout of an antique water pump, and lay the other pot on its side. That seems to be in vogue right now in yard art. I saw two pots at the Sheridan Walmart a couple of months ago and talked myself out of buying them. I really hadn't come up with this idea then anyway, so it was no big deal. I just liked the pots and the price. Today after my decision, I went back to Walmart to get them. Of course, they aren't there. It's getting late in the gardening season and those things are disappearing quickly. Either they have already been purchased, or they've been stored away for next year.

After husband and I went to Colton's Steak House for supper tonight (YUM) we drove over to Home Depot, hoping they would have something. Not. They still have several planters, but not what I was looking for. We then went to the Benton Walmart, and they had even less. I struck out. Sooo, I supposed I'll have to wait until next summer to do what I want. I have decided though, IF WE CAN FIND THEM, that I want a pallet of decorative stone for my birthday next month. I have a couple of trees in the back yard that need help desperately. I plan to build up around them and plant something that will withstand the heat and the cold. I may fill in with some annuals next spring.

I don't know what has precipitated this desire to actually get out there and work in the yard, but it's good exercise and I love to create.


Michelle said...

I love to create, too! I am trying to wait until Spring to landscape. It's just too hot right now! And, we need to budget it out over a period of time b/c we have soo many other things that are taking priority right now. Ugggh! Why couldn't we be born into money?!?!? haha

LeLe said...

The back yard definitely needs help. The palate of stones sounds like a good idea.

LoriM said...

You might check at Lowe's too. I found things there that I could find at Home Depot.

Y said...

If you have Sam's Club, they're clearing out garden stuff (here). Bubba found the nicest, big, HUGE pots for $7 each!