Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Contact

Many times at night, when I'm waiting to fall asleep, I think about this blog. And I let my mind roam so it can create some kind of posting idea. I'm sure, like everyone else in the world, I begin with one thought and it travels through my brain until I'm in a place I didn't expect. Last night was no different and I wound up thinking about the first time I really met my husband.

When you are from as small a place as I was, everyone knows everyone else. And I mean EVERYONE. I knew who my future husband was, but had never really been around him. I will call him SR. (When we write notes to each other, he signs SR and I sign BJ)

One night, when I was 14, I was staying overnight with a friend. As teens do, we decided to sneak out of the house after bedtime, and see who was uptown. Now, at this point, I have to add that I was not a dare devil or a bad child. I actually called my mother and told her what we planned. So, when the parents went to sleep, we snuck out and walked up to what was then the Exxon station where some others were milling around.

SR was there and although we never actually spoke to each other, he watched me. He was leaning against a car, with his arms crossed just watching me. I didn't think anything of it at the time, except maybe curiosity. I never entertained the thought that he might be interested. I don't think he even remembers that event, but I can still see him that way in my mind. It would be another year before we actually made dating contact, but I consider that our first meeting. He was 5 years older than I, and it was very flattering to have someone that age show an interest in little ole me. We were brought together by a mutual friend. One of those instances where in high school your friend says, "I know someone who wants to date you." Thus we were set up and the rest is history. We dated exclusively until I was 18 and we married.

Now some would be against dating only one person all through those years and marrying so young, but it's been a pretty good thing for me. Of course I think about what I might have missed from time to time, but God had a plan. Being so young, and having our children while we were that young, has been good for us. We were able to enjoy them and "play" with them, and now we are young enough to enjoy the empty nest.


LeLe said...

Never heard this story before! I can't believe you called Grandma to tell her you were sneaking out of the house. Leave it Grandma to not care. Just so you know, I NEVER snuck out of the house, not even once.

The first time I met MK was at Singles Bible study after I moved back in with you in 2004. I was early because you dropped me off and had to be at church because it started earlier than the Singles study. MK was already there and making notes on a legal pad or something. I looked at him and thought he was cute. I already knew Sherry but she introduced me to him. I thought his name was strange, but he was pretty cute. But at that time, and you know what time I'm talking about, I was terrified of everything. So, I just thought he was cute from afar until he decided I was cute a little over a month later...the rest is history. 5 years difference in us too, but not quite that different at our ages now.

B Lines said...

Well, I hate to admit it, but I was a scaredy cat. Didn't wanna chance doing something and getting caught. Mom cared, but she was very lenient. I mean, how much trouble could you get into in downtown Rison I ask you?

Michelle said... this post B Lines! I, too, dated Eric very young, and he's five years older, But now I look back and wouldn't change a thing!!!

Peggy said...

Loved your story!!!
I also snuck out of the house when I was a teenager, not my house but the house next door.
I met my honey when I was a little girl...he was friends with my older brother. He is 6 years older. We didn't start to date until I was 18...he was 24.
We married about 8 weeks later. Been married 35 years!!!


Sooz said...

I loved sneaking out of my parents house, but it was two story and you had to pick the stairs carefully in case of creaking. I met Rich at church and it was an instant connection. I knew he was it the minute we locked eyes at church. I used to never believe that could happen to a person until it actually happened to me. We've been inseparable ever since.

Alice said...

Love the post. I met Brian when I was 12 years old (his dad became the pastor of our church). We became an "item" when I was 13 and he was 12 (yes he is one year younger than me). We dated all of our junior and high school years and survived him going away to college for two years. He finally wised up and came home to marry me. I was 21 and he was 20 when we married (both full time college students).

September 4th we will be together for 19 years. God could not have blessed me with a better husband and father. He is awesome.

B Lines said...

I love hearing how couples met. I always ask that question when I meet people who are from different parts of the state and country. I guess I'm just romantic at heart. It amazes me how God will bring complete strangers together. In this part of the country, it looks like it's the norm to meet your future mate while you are young.

LeLe said...

Woo, Peggy Jo! Eight weeks. MK never mentioned that to me...he just said y'all got married within a year. There must have been a really strong connection there! I can still see it. :)

LeLe said...

Oh, and by the way, I feel like an angel compared to y'all since I never snuck out. I was afraid of the wrath of Red.

B Lines said...

For those who might not know, "Red" was SR's nickname. He had a reputation of someone you don't want to mess with. His red hair and his size were very intimidating. Still is to a certain degree, although his hair (what there is left of it) is no longer red.

Sooz said...

I should have mentioned that Rich and I started talking via which is really weird to most people. It was meant to be though from the start. He was from S-town. My sister married a man from S-town also and had been living there for almost 8 years at the time. I went to church with her that Sun. that Rich and I finally met. Plus he was living less than a mile from my sisters home and neither one of us knew it.

Y said...

What a cool story! I would love to see a picture of you both that young. It's funny how we all get hooked up. Bubba and I had our paths cross twice, once as small children and once as teenagers, but never met til I was 21 and he was 24! A lady I went to school with wanted me to meet her son. Bubba had heard so much about me from the friend he was at her house too when I went over. He beat his friend to the punch...we were married two months later! That will be 33 years ago in October.