Friday, November 14, 2014

They Say....

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.  And I've been living that recently.

I explained in my last post back in October that our son-in-law, MK, has been critically ill. While he was "medically asleep" for 8 days, we kept our grandson so our daughter and MK's parents could be at the hospital around the clock. It was a very serious situation for a couple of days, but through God's mercy MK survived and is home. He is still very weak, even after being home for a while now, and it will take some time for him to gather strength.

SR and I had a routine of sorts before this. He did his thing and I did mine, and we had our life planned out so to speak. Continue doing what we were doing...keeping the grandchildren a couple of days a week, and I clean my mother-in-law's house for her once a week. While I was at home, I would sew and try to keep up the house, read blogs and even comment on them. The unexpected  seems to have blown our routine out of the water for the long haul. Life happened while we had other plans. And you know what?

THAT'S OK. We need to be more active in our watching the grandson, and our daughter needs a bit more help than before. That's what families do though isn't it? They take care of each other.  I read a devotional one night before going to bed and it resonated with me. I won't quote it or try to type it all out for your reading pleasure *wink* but the point was....
Take joy in the day you are living. Try not to say "I'll be happy and enjoy my life when this or that happens or goes away."  And I realized I was trying to push through the days to get to the other side, so to speak. I did what needed to be done, but without any joy or contentment. The Apostle Paul wrote that he'd learned to be content in whatsoever circumstances he found himself, and I want to be like that!

So now, instead of tolerating days, waiting for the time when I can get back to my plans and routine, I'm trying to enjoy the time spent with my babies, and just be where I am, doing what I'm doing at any given time. Family is everything and I'm blessed to have a close one.  There will be less sewing, less crafting and gardening, and less blog reading, but as I said before....THAT'S OK.

Now, I'll show you the latest picture of my two babies that are here now...remember I have another one arriving in March. HAPPY FACE!!


Cathy said...

Just looking at those two smiling faces would make anyone smile. Glad to hear you're doing better and the great news about your son-in-law being home. Thank you Lord, for answered prayer.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Family is always first and so happy to hear things are getting better.